One day trip at Sichang Island, Sriracha, Chonburi


Sichang Island, it’s not too far from Bangkok and also there’re several transportations to be there.

1.There are many car parks at Koh loi pier so you can drive your own cars to be there.

2.Go by bus. Get in at Ekamai Station or Mochit Station.

3. Go by train to get off at Sriracha Station which I took this transportation. It was my first time to catch a traditional Thai Train. It’s Bangkok – Ban Plu Ta Luang line. That time I got in at Klong tan station at 7.40 am and got off at Si Racha Junction at 10.21 am. It’s quite long to take a train because it has to be stopped every station. However, if you would like to see the views along the way and have much time. I suggest you to travel by train. You will see an original life of local people. 🙂

Klong Tan Staion

It’s Free Ticket

Having breakfast (Thai Omelet with Rice)..YUMMY!!!  while waiting for the Railway train

Our Captain

The Seats on the train

The seller was trying to sell her products on the train.

Have you ever tried this??? It made me feel that I was just a kid : )))

The students were on tour.

Finally, we arrived Siracha Junction

Then, we had to take  TUKTUK to Koh loi pier to get on the boat to Sichang Island.

Here, we were on the boat. It took around 45 mins to be on SiChang Island, but if go by speed will take around 20 mins.

It is surrounded by 8 smaller islands – Kham Yai Island, Prong Island, Khang Khao Island, Yai Tao Island, Sam Pan Yua Island ,Thaai Tamuen island, Ram Dok Mai Island and Kham Noi Island . Of all the islands, only one has permanent residents. Khang Khao Island has a tourist resort for those who want to rest and go fishing. The other islands are suitable only for day visits for for fishing, diving and learning about nature.

There is an information centre to ask for the map and all information about the Island at the Thewawong and Phanurangsri piers.

There are TUK TUK, Car service and Motorcycle service to travel around the Island. This time, I took Motorcycle. It cost 300 baht per day

Here, we were on Sichang Island


In the museum on the island

the fantastic view




Finally, it’s time to go back to BKK. We went back by bus. It took around 2 hours to arrive BKK. This trip was so great for me with convenient transportations (train, boat, motorcycle and bus), also to see the gorgeous views.

This can be called “AMAZING THAILAND”

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