Rattanakosin Island with less than 300 baht in a day. =)

Hello everybody, I am a new writer for a blog. Hope it will be useful for you guys who are looking for Rattanakosin Island by spending not too much money.

There were 5 people in this trip (4 Thai and 1 korean who is our friend, Sibong). We planned this trip for Sibong, this was the first time for him in Thailand. We had an appointment around 1 p.m at Thonglor BTS station then took off at Siam BTS station in order change to Wong Vein Yai line, then took off at Sapantaksin BTS station

Sibong bought a ticket by ticket machine at Thonglor BTS


Waiting the next train to Sapantaksin BTS station


@ Sapantaksin Pier (Chao Praya River). We’re looking for the boat price

We arrived at Sapantaksin Pier at 2.30 pm. We decided to go to Watprakaew for the first place, we had to take off at Maharaj pier. It took around 30 mins to get there. During we were sailing on the boat, we could see all the beautiful views along Chaopraya River. It was a good moment when you stood in front of the boat, by breathing the fresh air and having the great views with the light wind blow. 🙂

On the boat, there were a guide, explained details of the places on the both shores with both Thai and English languages.

On the boat


The view along the Chaopraya River


@ Maharaj Pier


Sibong with TUK TUK

When we arrived at Maharaj Pier, we needed to walk around 15 mins to Watprakaew.

WatPrakaew really are places you must visit while you are in Bangkok. Both have considerable historical significance and are extremely beautiful places to see.

However, you are not allowed to wear any shorts, otherwise you have to wear a long Thai skirt instead. For Thai visitors got free tickets but for foreigner needed to pay 300 baht.

My friend who wore short 555, so she must change to Thai long skirt . But Don’t worry, u still looked nice 🙂


The view before we got in the temple.


The famous views

Another Important place in Watprakaew

The Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall consisting of two wings for reception purposes decorated with galleries of portraiture. In between is the central throne-hall now used for various purposes and formerly for the reception of foreign envoys on the occasions of the presentation of their credentials.

The soldiers were having a march  to change their shift.

The scenes in Watprakaew

Next, WAT ARUNRATCHAWARARAM RATCHAWORAMAHAWIHAN, we went there by boat, took off at Wat Arun pier. The prang of Wat Arun on the bank of Ch Phraya River is one of Bangkok ‘s world-famous landmarks. From a French map of Thonburi made in the reign of King Narai it can be seen that the temple existed when Ayutthaya was Siam ‘s capital. The temple was formerly known as Wat Makok, and when King Taksin built his palace, he ordered the temple to be annexed to it. The king restored it and renamed it “Wat Jaeng”. It was restored again by King Rama II, and renamed “Wat Arunratchatharam”. King Rama IV later changed the name to “Wat Arunratchawararam”



From bird eyes view

We were trying to climb the stairs. It’s too high x_x


The arts

Finally, it’s chilling moment. We took Sibong to Khao San Road, is now a world famous destination for travelers and budget tourists. It is surrounding area is a maze of hotels, guesthouses, travel agents, restaurants, pubs, clubs etc.

We also took him to have a Thai massage.


Shisha smoking…Chill Chill


Henna Tattoo


Having dinner

Sibong tried insects which are very popular on Khaosan road. 555 look at his face!! like it?

We were back home so late that night. We took the bus home. We all had a great time together. Also, we hoped that Sibong had a happy time with us too. Hope he might come back to Thailand again in the future. We will take care of him…We promise.


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5 ตอบกลับที่ Rattanakosin Island with less than 300 baht in a day. =)

  1. Sunshine Day พูดว่า:

    This is an awesome review!!!

  2. Warin พูดว่า:

    Woo,Nice place,I wanna go there,thank you for nice pictures.

  3. Khao-Hom พูดว่า:

    I gonna tell my mum to take me there. Horey!!!!! Let’s go and check it out.


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